Monday, July 14, 2008

thick as pea soup

This morning the fog was as thick as pea soup!

You know all those quirky saying that you heard from your parents...well, thick as pea soup is one that I often heard, and completely understood. I think pea soup is beyond thick, its like stuck....I do not like pea soup. To be fair, I have only had my mothers, who is a good cook if you like everything boiled and seasoned with a stick of margarine, and a cup of salt.

Peas are a great vegetable, as a kid I would eat them right out of the pod from my uncles garden. Peas are round, and roll around...they are fun.....there is nothing better than dipping your mashed potatoes(without lumps) into your peas. There is even a bumper sticker dedicated to peas..

peas for peace!
peas should not look like this!

you can put it in a nice bowl and take a nice photo of it,
but it is still quite ugly.

Even putting a fancy frame around it doesn't work.

The other day my friend Lisa threw her 9 year old a Birthday Party....
Her menu was off to a good start...
Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Grilled Salmon on cedar planks,
mozzarella salad....(starting to sway from kids party)
then she lost it with an eggplant salad.
I almost wet my pants when I brought it out to the picnic table and saw the kids faces...
I could all hear (under their breaths) "No way am I eating that!

Even I had a problem with it...visually its a train wreck!
I have discovered the reason for garnishes...they are to distract your eye from whats really going on, on your plate (notice the parsley) - doesn't help!!!!!
I will tell you since I love Lisa dearly I did take a bite, and found it was quite good.
Lisa and I talked about writing a book called
"super ugly food that tastes super good".
Do you have a recipe for super ugly food that tastes good? If so please leave your ideas in the comments below. I will post everyones recipes!

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