Friday, July 18, 2008

sea urchin jewelry

Once in a blue moon I would find a sea urchin at
Higgins Beach.
I think in the past 6 years I have found a total of 10.
This year it has been unbelievable......there are hundreds!

The process of preserving these little creatures is not only tedious, but extraordinarily time consuming. To find them you often have to dig through stinky seaweed....eww! They have to be dried, cleaned out, dried again, filled with resin, dried out of every ten break...I use three different adhesives when making these pieces, and am constantly concerned that one that I have sold will break! eeekkk!

However, I love this jewelry, and so does everyone who sees it!
I have sold many pieces!

I use filigree and crystals on some pieces......

Others I use vintage mother of pearl buttons, and jewelery parts.....
ome have chains, or cording, or ribbon.....

I love this one!

Coming soon to my ETSY SHOP,
or if you are in the neighborhood stop by my summer cupboard!

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