Sunday, November 8, 2009

ahhh....Christmas is fast approaching.

Here is my wish list from Anthropologie.....start securing your second mortgages now.

Love this little clutch
I would put a chain on it,
and wear it around my neck...
maybe then I could justify the cost.

gorgeous cashmere scarf
love, love!

leather bag with a bow

Gulp! $338.00
maybe if they had taps on them....
then I could justify them as an entertainment expense.

Hanging Bell Flower Bib

Grand Exit Boots

 Men's Club Heels
only 98.00

ahh at last....something affordable!!
Pearl Bush Earrings $38.00

I sooo Love this hat.
not sure it would fit my man size head.
Snow Fort Hat

Sally Gloves
I like these...
but I don't think they are worth the dough!
However, I would love to say "where are my SALLY gloves?"
"has any one seen my SALLY gloves?"

Old and New Necklace

Corvus Earrings

lovely bracelet!

$18.00 hair clip

Head band. so cute!
wonder if it hurts?

good smeeellllly

I am into socks lately. love these thigh highs $16.00
This is my selection from accessories, I haven't even hit the clothes or home pages yet!!!!!!

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