Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy Yum!

The Meat House
Have you been to the meet house yet?
I have driven by many times, thinking that it was a smelly butcher shop,
(meat smell makes me a bit ill).
But, this was so far from the case,
it was a wonderland of yummy stuff.
(That is what they should have named it.)

This is why I LOVE THIS PLACE!
It was started in New Hampshire by these two guys...
they we successful in starting a small business! Yay for them!

The South Portland store is great!
Very clean.....Great customer service
Especially the guy behind the meat counter, he was so nice.....
He introduced himself, asked my name,
and remembered it on my departure.
He gave me loads of samples to try....
In fact the store was loaded with samples...
which is brilliant, because I bought items I never would have...
like their mashed potatoes.
Generally pre-made potatoes stink.....not these, they were delicious!!!!!
They also had samples of their chicken pie and shepards pie,
both were very good!
I left with the chicken pie, and will be going back for the shepards pie.
They had loads of local produce and products.
I bought cheese from Pineland, and Olivia's mixed greens, both Maine businesses.
There were loaves of bread by a local baker....
and different oils to dip and try.
They had a great selection of alcholic beverages, along with a nice selection of wines.
The best part may have been the sandwich samples,
which included my favorite... The Gobbler,
(which was a Thanksgiving themed sandwich which had fresh apples)......outstanding!
However, it was a close second to the dessert sample area!
Which includes chocolate covered macaroons!!!! yum!
Unlike so many specialty, I felt that it was very much worth the money.
I purchased...
chicken pie
mashed potatoes
garden greens
blue chees
red onion
apple crisp
gourmet vanilla ice cream
a big container of spice....
and an extra little package of marinated tips...courtesy of the butcher
Total bill was $35.00.
This fed 4 people, with left over greens, cheese, and dessert.
The best part is I didn't have to cook!!!!! This made me very excited!
There is loads more that I haven't mention..... including meat.
Yay, for the "MEAT HOUSE"

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