Sunday, November 15, 2009

handmade goodness

As I stated in my last post....Christmas is fast approaching....I went to wal-fart the other day, and within a minute or two.... I had a headache, and was wanting to abort the whole trip. I generally do not go there, but there was a specific mission that needed to get done. I would much rather buy local, and handmade goods, but often wonder if those on the receiving end are as "into it" as I am. I would say NO...... with a few exceptions.  It seems people who enjoy making things, enjoy getting thing handmade.  Lets face it, if I get my son a wooden airplane, he would ask why there was no sound, and how come the propeller doesn't spin on its own.....
However, I have still decided not to buy (a lot) plastic toys, and crap.
I went to a lovely artisan show the other day, it was put on by this
LOVELY PLACE, that also teaches classes that I have attended and loved.
They were all fiber artist.
All the materials are hand dyed, spun, and harvested in Maine.

A lot of the items at the show were really expensive, but then I got to this one woman's table, and couldn't resist these items.
The brown scarf is 100% wool - it won a blue ribbon at the Ossippee Valley Fair this year,  how cool is that! I love the pattern!
The hat is Fabulous!!! Angora and Silk; it is just amazing. It feels wonderful, and the craftsman ship is superb!  It also won a blue ribbon at the Fair!
The teal scarf is 100% angora, hand dyed, and harvested in Standish, Maine. and guess what??? it also won a blue ribbon at the fair!!!!! Unbelievable.
(I think they have different categories at the country fairs, based on fiber.)
The socks are dreamy, and I think I may keep them for myself. I do love a good pair of socks.
The little stocking was by a 12 year old girl...who was just dying to sell something.
I think its pretty darn cute!
I was a little disappointed in the turnout at the show, I think the artist were as well. The woman I bought these from was quite excited about the purchase, and so was I!!!!

I have been making these felt pouches recently, they are fabric samples from a fabulous company called Maharam. (Sorry, but you have to be a designer with an account to get some:( )

they will be in my ETSY SHOP soon, along with these necklaces...

I made these using vintage buttons that my Mom gave me from her collection.
 I really love them, and may keep one:)

.... as you are out there in the hustle, and bustle of Christmas shopping remember the small local shops, and you local craftspeople!!!!!  Also, remember that spending just $10.00 per person a week on local goods would do amazing thing for the economy.....and if you can, buy more to make up for those who don't!!!!!

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  1. Lovely to see you are back at the blog. I'll need to see you soon to get my teacher gifts, as I make it a tradition to get them from you, since you make such FABULOUS stuff!