Thursday, May 22, 2008

scenes from the clothes line

I wish you could smell the fabric.....
it smells so good.

I had a blast at the Salvation Army yesterday, they had table after table of fabric.
I think some one donated it from an estate sale.
It was priced at...... fill a bag for 99 cents.
I filled 3. This represents 1/16th of what I got.
This fabric is so 50's....the type, textures, and colors.
It's a stretchy knit. Some of the price tags were still on, and one had 29 cents a yard tag.....
I wonder how long ago that was??!!
I think I may make some wrap skirts for me and my ETSY shop.


  1. saving the planet... one curve hugging knit at a time!!!
    make mine a pleated mini...

  2. Stretchy Knit?!?! 29 cents/yd?!?!
    Definitely early 80's.