Sunday, May 18, 2008

summer plans

This summer I am embarking on a quest to become more green....(not green with envy)....but more aware of what I consume and waste (no, I don't mean bodily). You know as consumers we over consume....we buy, buy, and buy some more.....I am going to try to cut that way down.....I will be posting through out the summer on the success of my quest.

One of the first thing I did was install a clothes line in my back yard........It took my husband and I quite a while....we would get one side done and then the other would fall....back and forth......but at last it was up, and I was eager to begin the domestic life as a primitive laundress......nothing is more domestic or primitive than hanging clothes on a clothes first basket took me 20 minutes to hang...not kidding.....It was tough. My friend Terri whom is a total Diva gave me some advice (not from her own personal clothes line experience, but from what she remember as a kid). "Be sure to use fabric softener or you wont be able to get into your jeans". hmm, I thought....what a great excuse for those extra pounds........yup, jeans are too tight...out of Downy again.

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  1. i foresee a craft education session...bejeweled clothes pins!!!