Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jumping Jack Flash is a gas gas gas.

So far I have done my 10 jumping jacks per day, but I am thinking of cutting back...hee...hee. Who would have thunk that 10 jumping jacks would cause so much pain....I feel like I have run miles. Some days they are quite easy...other days I feel like I may break my ankles, but I do them each time with as much enthusiasm and little boob flopping as possible.

As far as the healthy eating plan, well that is going well.  I am actually having a bit of fun with it.  Who knew torturing family could bring such joy.
Day 1 - Lentil Soup, and Organic Winter Salad.
Day 2 - Breakfast -Fiber Cereal,  Lunch -Yogurt and Granola,
Dinner - Sockeye Salmon, rice, and bean salad.
corn and bean salad is a great staple to have around...
1 bag of white shoe-peg corn
I can black beans (rinsed)
I can garbanzo beans (rinsed)
chopped fresh tomatoe
chopped fresh red onion
dressing to taste
(you can add feta, other beans, left over rice, and what not and so forth)
Day 3 - Breakfast -yogurt and granola, Lunch -turkey and cheese, soy bean crisps,
Dinner - shrimp in whole wheat tortilla with rice and bean salad.

Tonight I am planning on serving Miso Soup and Spinach Salad, and tomorrow a White Bean and Braised Leek Whole Wheat Pasta Dish.
Half the fun of trying something new is the thrill of the hunt.....The Miso Soup recipe calls for  Red Miso Paste, Silken Tofu (shh don't tell my husband!),  Hon Dashi (huh?). So, off I went to Shaws only to not be surprised that they did not have the ingredients needed. I went to the local Asian Market on St. John, eeewwwww. stinking, dirty, icky, and that is being nice! I was pleasantly surprised to not find what I was looking for,  hurried out,  tripping over a pail of rotting food??? their compost???, and passing by unidentifiable bins of what I think were vegetables, and maybe fish parts...dunno?

I was determined to shop locally, knowing perfectly well Whole Foods had everything...but I needed to spend more money locally this week to meet my quota. Thankfully,  Sun OrientalMarket on Congress Street was  open, and I was able to get my ingredients. The lady there is quite lovely and very helpful, and referred  me to the correct seaweed that I needed....I thought I had the right one...but as she began to ring it up she told me...."you don't want that....does not look like picture....just seaweed stems",  she sent me in the right direction of seaweed leaves...all with a nod, and a "my pleasure".

So I am armed with some very curious groceries, and a few good recipes. My husband will be pleased that there are no beans in tonight's dinner, because the whole house... it's a gas, gas, gas. (I kill myself!)

update...Katie just came out of her room and asked what was for dinner...I told her Miso Soup...she asked what was in it, I told her....and her reply was "are you making that up? your just kidding right?"
ahhh, it all makes it so worth it! 
update 2 ...Katie called our mother and told her that I was feeding her been turd and seaweed.

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