Saturday, January 9, 2010

spoiled or not

I am a sucker for all things from my childhood. I am unsure why, its not like my childhood was picture perfect. There are thing that I fondly remember and one of those things was movie time in elementary school. We would all have to carry our 20 lb solid wood kid size chairs (they don't make things like they use too!) down to the gym.  These chairs now fetch big bucks in the antique store and flea markets, I always hated them because they were so heavy and always bruised my shins! One of the favorite movies I remember seeing was "paddle to the sea".  I loved it, and I am now currently reading the book to my son.

It is really difficult to read out loud, it doesn't have that "flow off the tongue" like most children's book that are written today.  The illustrations are beautiful, and Ivan is really enjoying it.
Since Valentines Day is approaching I thought I would  order this DVD, as a Valentines gift.

I also order this DVD....nothing like engrossing 50's films to fill up an afternoon.

The 1950'S Red Balloon has one so may awards its like an epic film,
you can check it out here RED BALLOON_YOU TUBE

I also ordered a box(48) of these. Ivan and I were watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and he went crazy over the whistle pops. Did you know whistle pops have been discontinued, and I have ordered the last box!!!! I will be selling them individually in my etsy shop for $5.00 each(jk).
ahh....memeories, they sure do a number on you wallet, but good times will be had!

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