Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Pledge.

Bring your own bag

I often forget them in the I will go back to get them!  You can make your own, use old pillow cases, cut the top double fold for the handle, sew and go!

My sister Katie uses plastic baggies for her lunches, on the average day she uses 3-4 bags. 
I am going to make a bunch of reusable ones, like these. They are completely washable.

Repair items instead of buying new
I am so guilty of this. Both of my trash cans are kind of gross. I was going to go buy new, instead I will bleach them to clean them.

Rent or borrow something that will be used once, 
or just a few times.

My friend Shelley  buys her large family used VHS, and DVDs at the local Goodwill. 
At 99 cents a piece, it sure beats the $20.00 price tags of buying new!

Sell, trade or donate items in good condition.  
The Salvation Army, and Goodwill is always looking for donations

Eat at locally owned and run restaurants. 
say good bye to crapplebees, no one likes the food there anywhere.  Check your yellow pages for  small local dining experiences!


  1. These are all great ways to make a difference!! Way to go!

  2. i love the sandwhich bags... make me some too!!! lots of love for 2010. need to see you soon. E