Monday, January 4, 2010

just 10 jumping jacks a day.

Whole Foods Market has a wonderful article on their blog called "resolve to eat right". Like the author of the article I am not big on New Years Resolutions, until I read another bloggers idea of a resolution. Her big resolution was to do 10 jumping jacks a day, I thought, "hey, I can do that!", and I have! Woo Hoo, off to a roaring start! I also added in 10 toe touches.....phew, I do work up a sweat.  Lets face it, if I  resolve to run 2 miles a day, I will not become a runner, but a master of excuses on why running is bad (it is bad for your know)! I have also resolved to continue with my "green" living practices, as I have written in past posts. However, the most important resloution I really need to keep is my resolution to eat healthier. It is not just for me, but for my entire family. My husband and I could both stand to loose a bunch of weight. Ivan needs to quit eating junk, and then there is Katie(my sister, who is currently living with us) who is very obese. So here goes our new healthy eating makes me giggle, in a bad way.
Giggle you say. Yes, giggle, which is what I did the entire time I prepared tonights meal. No, I wasn't giggling because I was having fun cooking, it was because I kept imagining my familys face as I served the food....

We had organic lentil soup, with organic greens winter salad.
I served everything on small plates/bowls, with a piece of toasted homemade bread.
Now all of you out there that are ick-ing the soup, I will tell you a secret, add a dab of sour cream..."a little dab will do ya". it makes the soups consistency seen not so "sludge" like.

Generally eating fresh vegetables in the winter takes all of my inner strength to keep my gag reflexes in check, especially lettuce. However, Olivia's Garden lettuce is very good, it is a local product(bonus) made in New Glouster. I added raw almonds, blue cheese, and dried organic cherries, all topped of with a bit of Newman's (bonus-100% of profits go to charity) dressing.

It was good...I feel I could float away to the Wicked Woopie Pie store in Freeport.

My  brother-in-law gave me a gift certificate to Whole Foods (which brings us to the first sentance of this tale) for first I thought to myself...hmm... interesting, but had a ball spending it on stuff for myself (non-food).

Aura Cacia - Soothing Heat - Evergreen and Eucalyptus Bubble Bath. I let you know how fabulous this is!

Dr Bronner Peppermint Soap...My husband loves all Dr.Bronner's  products...its a hippie thing!

Kiss My Face Antioxidant Toner, ahh...spray on goodness!

Earth Theraputics Sinus  Pillow, lets hope it helps, and I can stay off of the brain sucker Afrin.

Earth Therapeutics Boars Hair Brush - make my hair so soft and shiny.

Now that I am all natural (my legs are getting pretty hairy-which actually happens every winter), and organicy,
wish me luck, as I too wish all of you luck with your resolutions, and if all your resolutions fail, you can have one of mine....10 jumping jacks a can do that!!!!!


  1. Don't Do It!!! Don't Make a Resolution!!! Join me in my rebellion!

  2. i think for 2010, i might try sushi... still trying to decide about that.

    also, here is my new blog